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Invisible rollers is a new innovative product in the category hungry for innovation! They replace old, embarrassing curlers, allowing to create elegant hairdos in minutes. .
To review how to apply the hair rollers see video below:

Why choose our patented product?

  • Solves a very common problem.
  • Mass market appeal: easily over 1 billion women are potential users / buyers.
  • Target users / buyers already know that they have this problem, to which we provide an elegant, affordable, futuristic-looking solution.
  • Hits all impulse buying "hot" buttons.
  • Can be easily explained and demonstrated in a visually interesting and attractive manner.
  • Perceived value at retail will be at least 5 times greater than cost of manufacturing + materials.
  • Represents an incredible value in the sense of a bargain that cannot possibly be missed, with a (perceived) highly asymmetrical Benefits-Cost Ratio (BCR).

  • Product promise is readily believable by its target market psychographic.
  • Potential for on-going sales: extra sets, gift sets, sets of varying sizes, sets matching hair colors, heavy-duty pro versions for hair salons, replacement of worn out ones etc.
  • 'Viral' potential: word-of-mouth is the single most influential communications channel for the dissemination of innovations within the huge fashion community and beauty industry.
  • keeps all benefits of regular hair rollers

New Generation of Hair Rollers

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meet the team

We are a small group of inverntors, hackers and designers from the differrent parts of the world on a mission.

Gary Elliott

Co-Founder and CEO

Jeffrey Allen

Co-Founder and CTO

Sara Mendez

Lead Developer, Hacker

Albert Castro

3D Designer & Prototyper

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