• Get heatless curls & volume for your hair
  • Create easy DIY curlydos in minutes
  • Feel beautifully confident wearing your iCurlers
  • Grow your hair long & strong
  • Save your time & money

Elegant style replaces old, embarrassing curlers.

We have created invisible iCurlers to give you a no-heat, healthy hair-rolling solution for creating amazing curls through easy DIY hairdos. iCurlers give you the lift and body of younger-looking hair.

What People Say:
"When you look good, you feel good. Even better? When you use iCurlers, you give your hair a chance to recover from irons and hairdryers, making it stronger. Look good and feel great from start to finish!"

Helen Netherfield
iCurlers inventor
"I absolutely love the [iCurlers] concept. I always use hot rollers and roller sets before events and find it incredibly annoying that I can't run errands while setting my hair unless I don't mind looking certifiably insane when I run into people I know."
Katherine Druback
Quirky Inc.

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