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Invisible iCurlers Pre-orders Started

The old embarrassing hair rollers just got re-invented. Helen Netherfield has created a new type of hair rollers: ingenious invisible iCurlers to give women a no-heat, hair-health-protecting, hairdo-creating curling solution. iCurlers are now available online for pre-orders at

This purpose-designed innovative hair roller features a smart new way to lock hair in place by means of a removable rod which prevents hair locks from unrolling. By design, when a roller is in use it is completely covered by hair and thereby invisible. This feature allows women to not only have gorgeous heatless curls but — introducing an unprecedented innovation — also sport easy DIY curl forming hairdos while their curls set. This approach allows to simultaneously create volume and curls naturally without heat. iCurlers help women avoid heat damage, thereby protecting their hair growth.

Most importantly, iCurlers make women feel and be beautiful and confident while wearing a curl forming hairdo. Contrast this with the embarrassment of being seen wearing regular hair rollers. Using iCurlers saves women time and money on visits to their hairdressers as well as the electricity they would otherwise use to run their hairdryers or curling irons time after time.

Free tutorials explaining how to use iCurlers are available at The iCurlers have all the health benefits of regular hair curlers and work in a very similar way. The major improvement though is that iCurlers and their pin are completely hidden by hair, enabling woman to quickly — literally in just a few minutes — create special curling updos and hairdos — Curlydos at home. This way women can wear such anywhere publicly, while getting healthy heatless curls.

"I absolutely love the [iCurlers] concept. I always use hot rollers and roller sets before events and find it incredibly annoying that I can't run errands while setting my hair unless I don't mind looking certifiably insane when I run into people I know." said Mrs. Katherine Druback of Quirky Ltd.

It took almost two years to develop this new hair styling solution from idea to tested product. The first prototype of these invisible hair rollers had 11 moving parts and retractible legs. It was honed and simplified into an organic shape optimized to hold the hair lock in place while staying invisible itself. iCurlers is a patent pending innovation.

The innovator, Helen Netherfield, said: "Finally we can give our hair a chance to recover from irons and hairdryers, while boosting our self esteem at the same time."

iCurlers exists as a brand created, owned and developed by the award-winning design studio E-spaces. For more information, please visit

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